Infinium XT

Infinium XT is a comprehensive microarray solution that enables production-scale genotyping of up to 50,000 single or multi-species custom variants. Read More...
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Infinium® XT iSelect-96 Kit (1152 samples)


Infinium XT iSelect-96 Kit (4608 samples)


Infinium XT iSelect-96 Kit (23040 samples)


Infinium® XT Assay PB20 Kit


Accessory Products
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Infinium XT Starter Kit (48 BeadChip batches)


Infinium® XT Starter Kit (24 Beadchips)


Infinium® XT Upgrade Kit (24 Beadchips)



Infinium XT ST Upgrade Kit (Up to 12 BeadChip Batches)



Infinium® 96-XT Tip Guide Set



iScan® System (110/220V)


AutoLoader 2.x, Single-Scanner Configuration (110/220 V)


AutoLoader 2.x, Dual-Scanner Configuration (110/220 V)


Infinium Automation Kit- 8 Tip Tecan LIMS Ready (110V)


Infinium Automation Kit- 8 Tip Tecan LIMS Ready (220V)


Infinium Automation Kit- 8 Tip Tecan Non-LIMS (110V)


Infinium Automation Kit- 8 Tip Tecan Non-LIMS (220V)


Product Highlights

Comprehensive Production-Scale Screening Solution

This solution enables large-scale genetic improvement programs in agrigenomics and supports large-scale screening for biobanks and personalized medicine initiatives. It uses a high-efficiency, flexible workflow.

  • Production Scale: Optimized assay and 96-sample BeadChip enables processing of 100,000 to upwards of 1,000,000 samples/year per lab
  • Flexible Content: Targeted single or multispecies assays of 100s to 50,000 SNPs with at least 95% conversion rate guaranteed for custom panels
  • High Efficiency Workflow: Total assay turnaround time reduced from 3 days to 2 days with less hands-on time

Infinium XT simplifies the custom assay design process, reduces overall hands-on time, and enhances automation robot performance and utilization. The workflow offers an option to reduce the overall turnaround time, if the time to answer is more important than maximum weekly output.

Streamlined Sample Preparation and Data Analysis

A high-throughput solution like Infinium XT needs integrated systems that streamline sample preparation and analysis. The Illumina Automation Control software for the Tecan liquid handling robot has been updated to increase sample processing efficiency. An enhanced data analysis software solution offers real-time data generation and on-demand QC report functionality so production issues can be identified and corrected earlier in the process.

Updated software for GenomeStudio speeds up genotype cluster generation, reducing overall analysis turnaround time. Also, a genotyping module for agricultural and other applications involving polyploid species is now included.

After a cluster file is created, production-level analysis can be transitioned to Beeline Software. This software significantly reduces the time needed to observe quality performance specifications, generate genotyping reports, and analyze polyploid data, without removing the flexibility for manual intervention.


Infinium XT Workflow Example


Supporting Data and Figures

Infinium XT Workflow Improvements
Supporting Data and Figures

Each step of the Infinium workflow is optimized in the Infinium XT workflow, reducing the turnaround time from 3 days to 2 days.


There is a 100,000 sample minimum order commitment.

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