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HumanKaryomap-12 DNA Analysis Kit

This genome-wide karyomapping microarray provides insight into the inheritance of single-gene defects by testing single cells from embryo biopsies. Read More...
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HumanKaryomap-12 DNA Analysis Kit (24 samples)



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The HumanKaryomap-12 DNA Analysis Kit is a comprehensive genome-wide test available at the single-cell level. It provides insight into the inheritance of single-gene defects.

This BeadChip array targets ~300,000 of the most informative markers in the genome for efficient genome-wide coverage1. Karyomapping uses biomarkers within the genome to assess the likelihood of an embryo carrying a gene variant involved in a single-gene disorder.

The karyomapping technique can create a complete map of the in vitro embryo chromosomes, giving researchers valuable insight into the role that genomics plays in the inheritance of single-gene defects. This method uses SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms) array technology to confirm the presence or absence of a specific allele.

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The SureMDA Amplification System has been discontinued. The REPLI-g Single Cell Kit (QIAGEN) is the suggested replacement for use in karyomapping. Illumina remains committed to providing customers with high-quality support and service.

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