Infinium FFPE QC and DNA Restoration Kits

Evaluate sample quality and repair degraded FFPE DNA samples for use in Infinium array-based assays.


Archival formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples hold an abundance of invaluable information for cancer studies. Because these samples generally yield highly degraded DNA, they typically perform poorly in array-based applications such as whole-genome genotyping. The Infinium HD FFPE DNA Restore Kit can repair these degraded DNA samples in preparation for use with the Infinium Assay.

Evaluate sample quality

After DNA extraction using one of many commercially available kits, the Illumina FFPE QC Kit uses a real-time PCR assay to evaluate the quality of prospective DNA samples. The assay utilizes standard instrumentation and reagents from an authorized vendor. Each kit provides primers and DNA template for 384 reactions.

Repair eligible FFPE samples

Extracted FFPE samples that pass the QC test are eligible for restoration using the Infinium HD FFPE Restore Kit. The protocol restores degraded FFPE DNA to an amplifiable state.

Product and species compatibility

Infinium FFPE QC and DNA Restoration Kits are designed to be used with Infinium BeadArray microarrays. The FFPE DNA Restore Kit is compatible with samples from any species, whereas the FFPE QC Kit is only compatible with human samples.


Infinium FFPE QC Kit (384 reactions)


Infinium FFPE QC Kit is an accessory product required to qualify FFPE samples with Nextera Flex for Enrichment. Library prep, enrichment, enrichment probe panel, and index adapter reagents need to be ordered separately.

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Infinium HD FFPE DNA Restore Kit (24 samples)


Contains a combination of novel reagents that are used to restore damaged FFPE DNA. Restored DNA can be genotyped using Illumina FFPE enabled Infinium BeadChips to achieve quality data. The Infinium FFPE Restore Kit is supplied with enough reagents to restore 24 FFPE DNA samples.

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