Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Bacteria) (to be discontinued)

This kit removes ribosomal RNA from Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacterial mixtures in a single pass.Read More...
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Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Bacteria) 6 reactions


Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Bacteria) 24 reactions


Product Highlights

  • Removes ribosomal RNA (rRNA) from intact and partially degraded mixtures of Gram (+) and Gram (–) bacteria in a single pass
  • Sequencing data contains complete transcriptome of coding and noncoding RNA species
  • Good for small sample quantities – only 1 μg of total RNA required
  • Virtually all rRNA is depleted from intact and partially degraded samples in 2 hours.

Sequencing is an important discovery tool for research into disease, development, and more. The sequencing data from samples treated with the Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Bacteria) is focused on valuable RNA species, to facilitate discovery of relevant genes, splice variants and isoforms.

This kit offers informative sequencing results by removing unwanted cytoplasmic (nuclear-encoded) rRNA from bacterial mixtures prior to sequencing.

Overview of the Ribo-Zero process

Virtually all rRNA is depleted in 2 hours.

Step 1: Wash the magnetic beads
Step 2: Treat samples with rRNA Removal Solution
Step 3: Remove rRNA
Step 4: Purify rRNA-depleted samples, and proceed with library preparation

Alternative kits

ScriptSeq Complete Kit (Bacteria): Recommended for sequencing low-input samples (e.g. 100 ng of total RNA).

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Supporting Data and Figures

Ribo-Zero (Bacteria) removes rRNA from gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
rRNA Removed
Gram-Negative Gram-Positive
23S 16S 5S 23S 16S 5S

Ribo-Zero (Bacteria) removes ribosomal RNA from gram-positive, gram-negative, and mixed samples.

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