TruSeq Ribo Profile

The TruSeq Ribo Profile kit (formerly ARTseq) sequences ribosome-protected mRNA fragments to provide a snapshot of the active ribosomes in a cell. Read More...
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TruSeq Ribo Profile for Yeast (12 reactions, 12 indexes)


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Product Highlights

  • Study active mRNA translation with sequencing
  • Sequence ribosome-protected mRNA
  • Predict protein abundance
  • Investigate translational control
  • Measure gene expression
  • Rapid, scalable spin-column method
  • No ultracentrifuge required
  • Compatible with yeast and mammalian samples
Sequence actively translated transcripts

Ribosome profiling is a technique for investigating translational control that provides a snapshot of all the ribosomes active in a cell at a specific time. TruSeq Ribo Profile generates RNA-Seq libraries from ribosome-protected fragments of mRNAs that are actively being translated.

Use TruSeq Ribo Profile to sequence mRNA fragments undergoing translation by ribosomes. These mRNA fragments are called "footprinted" or ribosome-protected mRNA fragments.

You can also identify proteins being actively translated from samples prepared with TruSeq Ribo Profile. Samples collected at different times often show changes in translation. Samples treated with different drugs often show different translation patterns.


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TruSeq Ribo Profile Kit Data Sheet

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TruSeq Ribo Profile (Mammalian) Documentation

TruSeq Ribo Profile (Yeast) Documentation

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ARTseq/TruSeq Ribo Profile Change Notification

The ARTseq library preparation kit has been renamed TruSeq Ribo Profile. Kits with either name on the label contain the same quality reagents and follow the same workflow.