Infinium ShrimpLD-24 BeadChip

This BeadChip microarray offers a high-powered genotyping solution to advance aquaculture breeding programs of Pacific white shrimp. Read More...

The BeadChip was developed in collaboration with experts in aquaculture and contains over 6400 evenly spaced markers that provide an overview of the L. vannamei genome, enabling production applications.

Product Highlights

The Infinium ShrimpLD-24 BeadChip enables genomic selection and evaluation for family identification within Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei), to advance aquaculture breeding programs. This microarray contains over 6400 genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), validated using family brood stock from multiple existing breeding programs. The array offers:

  • Excellent call rates and accuracy
    > 99% mean call rate and > 99.9% reproducibility
  • High-value content with comprehensive coverage
    Evenly distributed polymorphic SNPs with 1 cM mean spacing
  • High-throughput and flexible format
    Up to 24 samples can be genotyped in parallel

Developed in collaboration with experts in aquaculture, the Infinium ShrimpLD-24 BeadChip contains over 6400 evenly spaced markers. These strategically selected and stringently filtered markers provide an overview of the L. vannamei genome, enabling production applications.

This 24-sample BeadChip array, combined with the proven Infinium HD assay, presents a powerful, high-throughput solution for genomic selection and family structure testing in the Pacific white shrimp.

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