HiSeq 2500 System

HiSeq 2500 Offers Unprecedented Flexibility for Multiple Applications

The HiSeq 2500 System features two run modes, rapid run and high output run mode, and the ability to process one or two flow cells simultaneously. This provides a flexible and scalable platform that supports the broadest range of applications and study sizes. Choose between rapid run and high output modes to fit your project needs. New high output reagents enable the generation of up to 1 terabase (Tb) of data, supporting the greatest number of samples per run while the new rapid run reagents enable reads up to 2x250 base pairs.

Rapid run mode provides quick results

Rapid run mode provides quick results, allows efficient processing of a limited number of samples, and offers support of longer paired-end 250 base pair reads. The longer reads enable greater depth of coverage, improved assembly for de novo applications and aid in long read applications such as metagenomic analyses.

High output mode is perfect for larger studies

High output mode is ideal for larger studies or when the greatest depth of coverage is required. High output mode allows you to batch process > 6× more samples than rapid mode and to complete large projects quickly and efficiently. New HiSeq SBS Kits v4 produce 4 billion clusters per run, generating up to 1 Tb of data in 6 days.

  Rapid Run Mode High Output Mode
    TruSeq v3 Chemistry HiSeq v4 Chemistry
Transcription Factor
15M Reads
1 × 36 bp
40 samples
7 hours
200 samples
2 days
260 samples
29 hrs
40M Reads
2 × 50 bp
15 samples
16 hours
75 samples
5 days
100 samples
2.5 days
Nextera Rapid Capture Exome
100x Coverage
2 × 100 bp
20 samples
27 hours
115 samples
10 days
150 samples
5 days
Human Whole Genome
>30x coverage
1 sample
27 hours
6 samples
11 days
10 samples
6 days
De novo Sequencing
2.5 Gb Genome
100x Coverage
2 × 250 bp
1 sample
60 hours


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HiSeq 2500 System