Infinium Omni2.5Exome-8 Kit

Comprehensive coverage and functional exonic content for next-generation genotyping, GWAS, and CNV analysis.Read More...
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Infinium Omni2.5Exome-8 v1.4 Kit (16 samples)



Infinium Omni2.5Exome-8 v1.4 Kit (48 samples)



Infinium Omni2.5Exome-8 v1.4 Kit (96 samples)



Infinium Omni2.5Exome-8 v1.4 Kit (384 samples)



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The Infinium Omni2.5Exome-8 BeadChip array delivers comprehensive coverage of common, rare, and exonic SNP content from the 1000 Genomes Project (1kGP)1, providing maximum genomic information of diverse world populations. With combined markers from the Infinium Omni2.5-8 Kit and Infinium Exome-24 Kit, the Infinium Omni2.5Exome-8 BeadChip is a powerful tool for next-generation genotyping and genome-wide association studies (GWAS).

Using the proven iScan System and integrated analysis software, these eight-sample BeadChips offer high throughput, optimized tag SNPs, functional exonic content, and fully supported copy number variation (CNV) analysis. Combined with convenient packaging and a streamlined PCR-free protocol, the Infinium Omni2.5Exome-8 BeadChip Kits provide a optimized DNA analysis solution.

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Case Studies

The Pharmacogenetics of Cardiovascular Disease Therapy

Dr. Marie-Pierre Dube and researchers at the Montreal Heart Institute used the Infinium HumanOmni2.5Exome BeadChip to identify responder genotypes in a failed cholesterol drug (dalcetrapib) trial.

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Scanning Population-Based Biobanks to Identify a Rare Gene Variant for Myocardial Infarctions

The HUNT Biobank and Lifandis AS provide access to biological samples and corresponding clinical data from more than 250,000 individuals in the Norwegian population using Illumina off-the-shelf and custom Infinium HumanExome BeadChips.

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The HumanOmni2.5Exome-8 BeadChip Kit has been renamed to Infinium Omni2.5Exome-8 Kit. Kits with either name on the label contain the same quality reagents and follow the same workflow.

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