Population-scale sequencing solutions

Sequence over 18,000 whole human genomes per year with the HiSeq X Ten System, and over 9000 genomes with the HiSeq X Five System

HiSeq X Applications and Methods

With incredible speed and throughput, the HiSeq X Ten System was purpose-built for population-scale whole-genome sequencing (WGS). The HiSeq X Ten empowers scientists, institutions, and nations with the ability to create a comprehensive catalog of human and species variation, forge population-based references, drive far-reaching discoveries, and advance our understanding of biology and human genetic disease.

See how human WGS on the HiSeq X Ten is impacting the future of medicine.

Estimated Cost Per Human Genome: $1000* at 18,000 genomes per year

*When used at scale, the HiSeq X Ten delivers a $1000 human 30x coverage genome, inclusive of instrument depreciation, DNA extraction, library preparation, and estimated labor for a typical high-throughput genomics laboratory. Calculated in 2014.

Apply population-scale whole-genome sequencing (WGS) to non-human species. The HiSeq X Series delivers high coverage in a variety of areas, including agriculture and model organism research in the pharmaceutical industry.

Sequencing large complex genomes provides a base-by-base view of genomic alterations to inform studies of disease or population genomics.

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Make Operational Excellence a Reality with Your HiSeq X Series

Illumina SeqLab for large-scale WGS on the HiSeq X Series helps accelerate your NGS production and expertise.

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