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Kits include SBS reagents, clustering reagents, and patterned flow cells for increased cluster density and simplified image analysis, compared to non-patterned flow cells. Read More...
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HiSeq X Ten Reagent Kit v2.5



HiSeq X Ten Reagent Kit v2.5 - 10 pack



HiSeq X Five Reagent Kit v2.5



HiSeq X Five Reagent Kit v2.5 - 10 pack



Product Highlights

HiSeq X Reagent Kits support high coverage whole-genome sequencing (WGS) with the HiSeq X Series of sequencing systems. By leveraging patterned flow cells, these kits provide increased cluster density to enable significant increases in data output and daily throughput. HiSeq X Reagent Kits support industry-leading library preparation options while offering superior data quality and coverage.

HiSeq X Reagent Kits support the TruSeq DNA PCR-Free Library Preparation Kit, for industry-best coverage of challenging genomic regions, and the TruSeq Nano DNA Library Preparation Kit, for efficient sequencing of samples with limited available DNA. Together, the reagent kits and library preparation options deliver exceptional genome coverage, enabling highly accurate and comprehensive variant calling for WGS on the HiSeq X Ten and the HiSeq X Five Systems. The HiSeq X Reagent Kits:

  • Deliver ultra-high data output
  • Provide ultra-high daily throughput
  • Enable sequencing up to 16 genomes per run
  • Are available in single and multipack configurations
  • Are compatible with TruSeq DNA PCR-Free and TruSeq Nano DNA LibraryPreparation Kits

HiSeq X Reagent Kits are only compatible with the HiSeq X Series of sequencing systems. HiSeq X Ten Reagent Kits are only available for purchase by HiSeq X Ten users and the HiSeq X Five Reagent Kits are only available for purchase by HiSeq X Five users. Reagents are also available in a multipack configuration to support bulk purchasing with significant reductions in packaging materials.

Latest technology innovation powers population-scale sequencing

HiSeq X Reagent Kits leverage the newest format in Illumina flow cell technology to achieve ultra-high-throughput WGS. Patterned flow cells contain billions of nanowell substrates at fixed locations across both surfaces of the flow cell. The structured organization (see below) provides even spacing of sequencing clusters to deliver significant increases in sequencing reads and total output of the system.


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The Custom Protocol Selector enables you to generate your own customized documentation, specifically tailored to your experiment.

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