SureCell WTA 3′ Library Prep Kit for the ddSEQ System

A robust, scalable, and user-friendly workflow for transcriptome profiling of hundreds to tens of thousands of single cells in a given experiment.Read More...
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SureCell™ Whole Transcriptome Analysis 3' Library Prep Kit (2 Cartridges Kit)



SureCell™ Whole Transcriptome Analysis 3' Library Prep Kit (6 Cartridges Kit)



Product Highlights

The Illumina Bio-Rad® SureCell™ Whole Transcriptome Analysis (WTA) 3’ Kit provides a validated process for single-cell RNA sequencing studies.

  • Sensitive and unbiased characterization of transcriptional signatures – Highly sensitive and reproducible gene detection in varied individual cells
  • Comprehensive single-cell RNA sequencing workflow – Fully supported workflow developed in collaboration by technology innovators
  • Powerful next-generation sequencing integrated with simple data analysis – Proven Illumina sequencing combined with streamlined, user-friendly analysis software

Single cells are individually partitioned into subnanoliter droplets on a disposable cartridge on the one-touch ddSEQ™ Single-Cell Isolator. The cartridge can accommodate multiple samples, and multiple cartridges can be processed in parallel to isolate thousands of cells in a matter of minutes.

Cell lysis and cell barcoding occur inside individual droplets, and single-cell-barcoded RNA-Seq libraries are subsequently prepared using Nextera technology.

Data Analysis

Conduct data analysis via BaseSpace Sequence Hub, the Illumina cloud-based genomics computing environment.

View sample data (requires a BaseSpace login)

Species Details

This kit has been validated for human and mouse samples. The BaseSpace Sequence Hub SureCell RNA Single-Cell App supports analysis of human, mouse, rat, zebrafish, C. elegans, and Drosophila samples.


Method-Specific Workflow Example


Supporting Data and Figures


Product Literature

Single-Cell RNA Data Analysis Workflow

Technical Note | PDF < 1 MB

Manuals and Support Information

SureCell WTA 3' Library Prep Kit Documentation

Custom Protocol Selector
The Custom Protocol Selector enables you to generate your own customized documentation, specifically tailored to your experiment.

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