Infinium CoreExome-24 Kit

This DNA microarray kit delivers genome-wide SNP and genetic variant information for genetic studies, especially large-scale human genotyping studies. Read More...
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Infinium CoreExome-24 v1.2 Kit (48 samples)



Infinium CoreExome-24 v1.2 Kit (288 samples)



Infinium CoreExome-24 v1.2 Kit (1152 samples)



Infinium CoreExome-24+ v1.2 Kit (48 samples)


Infinium CoreExome-24+ v1.2 Kit (288 samples)


Infinium CoreExome-24+ v1.2 Kit (1152 samples)


Product Highlights

The customizable Infinium CoreExome-24 BeadChip offers an economical way to perform and support large genetic studies, especially large-scale genotyping studies. They can also be used to quickly and easily obtain baseline sample data sets for a variety of downstream applications, including common variant, sex confirmation, mtDNA, ancestry, loss-of-variant, indel, and CNV studies.

Developed in collaboration with several leading research institutions, the Infinium CoreExome-24 BeadChip includes all the tag SNPs found on the Infinium Core-24 BeadChip, plus over 240,000 markers from the Infinium Exome-24 BeadChip. For greater flexibility, the Infinium CoreExome-24+ version of the BeadChip can be customized to include up to 100,000 additional markers.

The Infinium CoreExome-24 BeadChips use the Infinium high-throughput screening (HTS) 24-sample format, enabling high content flexibility, throughput capacity, and genotyping accuracy. When combined with the proven iScan System, these BeadChips deliver affordable, high-quality, genome-wide information across diverse world populations.

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Case Studies

Scanning Population-Based Biobanks to Identify a Rare Gene Variant for Myocardial Infarctions

The HUNT Biobank and Lifandis AS provide access to biological samples and corresponding clinical data from more than 250,000 individuals in the Norwegian population using Illumina off-the-shelf and custom Infinium HumanExome BeadChips.

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The HumanCoreExome-24 BeadChip Kit has been renamed to Infinium CoreExome-24 Kit. Kits with either name on the label contain the same quality reagents and follow the same workflow.

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