NextSeq 500/550 v2.5 Kits are now available. The new kits offer increased stability and robustness over the v2 kits.

NextSeq 500/550 v2 Kits

These sequencing reagent kits offer a simplified workflow and improved data quality compared to the prior v1 kit version.Read More...
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NextSeq 500/550 High Output v2 kit (75 cycles)



NextSeq 500/550 High Output v2 kit (150 cycles)



NextSeq 500/550 High Output v2 kit (300 cycles)



NextSeq 500/550 Mid Output v2 kit (150 cycles)



NextSeq 500/550 Mid Output v2 kit (300 cycles)



TG NextSeq® 500/550 High Output Kit v2 (75 cycles)



TG NextSeq® 500/550 High Output Kit v2 (150 cycles)



TG NextSeq® 500/550 High Output Kit v2 (300 cycles)



Product Highlights

NextSeq 500/550 v2 sequencing reagent kits bring the power of a high-throughput sequencing system to the desktop, now with improved data quality and the highest yield of error-free reads. These kits offer:

  • Robust base calling and improved signal-to-noise ratio
  • Multiple options for both sequencing output and read length
  • Simplified reagent cartridge configurations, with improved workflow and cartridge loading
  • Intuitive labeling and RFID-encoded reagents
  • Optimized chemistry with the latest in sequencing by synthesis (SBS) and bridge-amplification cluster generation

The kits deliver powerful sequencing chemistries with as little as 10 minutes of hands-on time. Intuitive labeling and RFID-encoded reagents ensure compatibility with user-defined run configurations.

Ready-to-use cartridges redefine ease-of-use
Pre-configured reagent kits for the NextSeq Series Systems provide all the components needed for sequencing on the platform in 3 ready-to-use cartridges (reagent, flow cell, and buffer). The kits offer simplified cartridge loading with the bleach and dual-indexing primers already in the cartridge.

Simply load user-prepared library pools directly into the NextSeq reagent cartridge. The system automatically performs all steps necessary for template amplification and sequencing without user intervention.

This product is also available as an Illumina Advantage (TG) product. Illumina Advantage large-scale sequencing products feature lot-specific shipments and testing, extended shelf life, and advanced change notifications for greater laboratory efficiency.


Best Practices for Storing Sequencing Reagents

Sequencing reagent performance depends on thawing technique, thawed storage time, and storage conditions. Learn how to thaw and store sequencing reagents for optimal performance.

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Best Practices for Storing Sequencing Reagents

Configurations for every application

Researchers have a wide range of solutions for different applications, from ChIP-Seq and RNA profiling to whole-genome sequencing, as shown in the table. NextSeq reagent kits provide optimized chemistry with paired-end sequencing capability built into every reagent kit.


NextSeq 500/550 Kits High Output
Up to 400 million clusters
Mid Output
Up to 130 million clusters

300 cycles
  • Whole Genome
  • de novo
  • Exome
  • Targeted Panels
  • Exome

150 cycles
  • Whole Transcriptome
  • mRNA-Seq
  • Exome
  • Whole Transcriptome
  • mRNA-Seq
  • Exome

75 cycles


  • Gene Expression Profiling
  • NIPT

†All NextSeq 500/550 kits are paired-end capable

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NOTE: The NextSeq 500/550 v1 kits have been discontinued and replaced by the NextSeq 500/550 v2 kits. Please contact your local Account Manager if you need assistance in transitioning to the new kits.

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