TruSeq RNA Access Library Prep Kit

Provides a reproducible, economical solution for sequencing RNA from FFPE tissues and other low-quality samples. Accuracy from as little as 10 ng total RNA. Read More...
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TruSeq RNA Access kits convert total RNA into template molecules of known strand origin, followed by sequence-specific capture of coding RNA. This provides a low-cost solution for analyzing human RNA isolated from FFPE (formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded) tissues and other low-quality samples.

  • Affordability and focus - isolating human transcriptome coding regions maximizes discovery power at a fraction of the sequencing depth
  • High-quality data from difficult samples - optimized for sequencing RNA from degraded samples, including FFPE tissues
  • Samples with limited starting material - greatly reduced sample input requirements (as little as 10 ng total RNA from fresh or frozen samples or 20 ng total RNA from degraded samples) while maintaining high sensitivity

TruSeq RNA Access Kit generates RNA-Seq libraries from degraded samples that focus on the RNA coding regions. Isolating these high-value content regions maximizes discovery power, while requiring only a fraction of the read depth of total RNA sequencing. The results are low input requirements, high sample throughput, and cost-effective transcriptome analysis.

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Supporting Data and Figures

Efficient Gene Fusion Discovery
Supporting Data and Figures

Figure 5 from TruSeq RNA Access Library Prep Kit Data Sheet, March 2014

The TruSeq RNA Access Library Prep Kit enables detection of expressed fusion transcripts without the need to design probes specific for the fusion junction. The well-characterized BCR-ABL fusion is detected efficiently in the Universal Human Reference RNA (UHRR) sample at 25 M reads.


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