NextSeq Series Applications

Unprecedented Flexibility for Multiple Applications

With the highest output of any desktop sequencer, the NextSeq 500 Sequencing System enables researchers to perform the widest range of sequencing applications. The flexible, scalable system offers tunable read lengths and output options to support research needs.

High-Output Kit
Mid-Output Kit
Up to
400 M reads
1 whole human genome

9 exomes
10 transcriptomes

Perform the most popular high-throughput applications in less than a day. Easily shift from low to higher throughput processing with each sequencing run.

Up to
130 M reads
3 exomes
6 enrichment panels
96 amplicon panels

Two flow cell configurations enable you to tune your output as needed. NextSeq 500 is an efficient system to handle a range of project sizes.


The Widest Range of Applications for Desktop Sequencing

Whole-Genome Sequencing
The NextSeq Series leverages industry-leading Illumina sequencing technology, delivering the highest coverage to identify variants throughout the genome. With push-button sequencing and minimal hands-on time, the NextSeq whole-genome sequencing solution enables researchers to analyze any genome efficiently, from microbes to humans.

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Exome Sequencing
The NextSeq 500 System offers the simplest and most reliable exome sequencing method to identify true coding variants, successfully sequencing even the most difficult genomic regions. The Illumina exome sequencing solution includes integrated library preparation and exome enrichment, push-button sequencing, and simple data analysis. With minimal hands-on time, researchers can now interrogate more of the exome accurately and efficiently.

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Transcriptome Sequencing
RNA sequencing enables researchers to take a closer look at gene expression and can be used to identify isoforms, novel transcripts, and gene fusions. The NextSeq RNA sequencing solution leverages industry-leading Illumina technology to deliver a detailed snapshot of the complete transcriptome. This solution enables researchers to tailor their studies from gene expression to complex whole-transcriptome profiling.

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Targeted Resequencing
Targeted resequencing involves isolation of genomic regions of interest in a sample library, enabling cost-effective and systematic detection of germline and somatic variants. Illumina offers a range of targeted sequencing solutions to support a variety of next-generation sequencing (NGS) study designs, from targeted gene panels such as the TruSight One Sequencing Panel.

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For Research Use Only.

Gain a Complete View of the Transcriptome

See how the NextSeq Series provides a scalable approach for RNA sequencing, with higher sensitivity and accuracy than conventional arrays.
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Identify True Coding Variants

Learn how you can use the NextSeq Series to evaluate the exome accurately and cost-effectively.
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Improve Your Sequencing Results

NextSeq 500 v2 Kits offer better data quality, an improved signal to noise ratio, and a simpler workflow.
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Access the Whole Genome

See how Illumina technology provides high-quality data to ensure accurate variant identification across an entire genome.
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