NeoPrep System Specifications

Illumina no longer accepts orders for the NeoPrep System. NeoPrep kits will be available for ordering until October 31, 2017. For alternative solutions, see our library prep automation page. Illumina remains committed to providing you with high-quality support and service.

NeoPrep System Performance Parameters

Feature Performance
Input gDNA or Total RNA
Input Quantity 25-100 ng
Loading volume: 25-45 µl
Output Quantified and normalized libraries
Library Yield 10-100 nM in 10 µl
Normalized Concentration TruSeq Nano DNA Kit-NeoPrep: 10 nM
TruSeq Stranded mRNA Kit-NeoPrep: 10 nM
Throughput 16 libraries per run
Up to 80/160 libraries per week, depending on assay
Run Time†† TruSeq Nano DNA Kit-NeoPrep: ~7.5 hours
TruSeq Stranded mRNA Kit-NeoPrep: ~9.5 hours
Hands-On Time 30 minutes per run
Applications Whole-genome sequencing, whole-transcriptome sequencing
See the NeoPrep System Kits page for a list of compatible kits.
Reagent Tracking Via barcode scanner

† Assay dependent.
†† NeoPrep System run time includes quantification and normalization. If only doing library prep, run time is reduced by ~2.5 hours.

For Research Use Only.