TruSight Oncology 500

Assay targeting multiple variant types, including tumor mutational burden (TMB) and microsatellite instability (MSI), even from low-quality samples. Read More...
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TruSight Oncology 500 DNA Kit (48 samples)



TruSight Oncology 500 DNA Kit, For Use with NextSeq (48 samples)



TruSight Oncology 500 DNA/RNA Bundle, (16 indexes, 24 samples)



TruSight Oncology 500 DNA/RNA Bundle, for use with NextSeq (16 indexes, 24 samples)



Product Highlights

TruSight Oncology 500 is a next-generation sequencing (NGS) tumor profiling assay that analyzes hundreds of cancer-related biomarkers. It supports identification of all relevant DNA and RNA* variants implicated in various tumor types.

In addition, it accurately measures the key immunotherapy biomarkers: tumor mutation burden (TMB) and microsatellite instability (MSI).

Save Time, Money, and Samples through Test Consolidation

  • Pan-cancer content aligned with key guidelines
  • DNA + RNA* assay targeting 523 genes for assessment of small variants, TMB, MSI, splice variants, and fusions
  • Identify relevant alterations while achieving highly accurate results

Achieve Highly Confident Results

  • Software filters artifacts for accurate variant calling
  • Enrichment chemistry inclusive of unique molecular indexes (UMIs) for high sensitivity in variant detection
  • Based on proven Illumina platform

Unlock Immuno-Oncology

  • Panel contains immuno-oncology biomarkers TMB and MSI
  • Tumor-only workflow for simplicity and efficiency
  • TMB calling performance similar to whole-exome sequencing (WES) panels
  • Large 1.94 Mb panel and sophisticated algorithm for accurate TMB score

* The products to evaluate DNA and RNA variants consist of the TruSight Oncology 500 DNA panel and the TruSight Tumor 170 RNA panel

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