Sequencing-ready libraries
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NeoPrep Library Prep System

An easy-to-use system for preparing high-quality NGS libraries compatible with all Illumina sequencing platforms.

What is next-gen library prep?

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See How Customers Are Using the NeoPrep System

Customers share their stories of how the NeoPrep System has helped them improve their workflow and freed up time to focus on the biology. Recent case studies include:

Utrecht Sequencing Facility, Netherlands - View Webinar »

SciLifeLab Stockholm - View Webinar »

BRC-Seq Core Facility - Read Interview »

Bring Efficiency and Ease of Use to Your Lab

With far fewer steps, far less hands-on, far less input.

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Next-Gen Library Prep is Here

See how the NeoPrep System can bring the next generation of library prep to your lab.

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Considerations for Library Prep Automation

What to consider as you evaluate options for automating library preparation.

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Versatile Library Prep for a Range of Assays

The NeoPrep portfolio of assays will continually expand, and currently includes two industry-leading assays for DNA and RNA sequencing.

TruSeq Nano DNA Kit – NeoPrep »
TruSeq Stranded mRNA Kit – NeoPrep »

Get Introduced to the NeoPrep System

This recorded webinar provides an overview of the NeoPrep System; performance data of RNA and DNA Assays from low input and complete NGS workflow examples.