NeoPrep System

Illumina no longer accepts orders for the NeoPrep System. NeoPrep kits will be available for ordering until October 31, 2017. For alternative solutions, please visit our library prep automation page. Illumina remains committed to providing you with high-quality support and service.

Featuring the precision of digital microfluidics, the NeoPrep System enables users to confidently prepare high-quality libraries day after day with one simple workflow.

Data generated from libraries prepared using the NeoPrep System demonstrate strong correlation to manually prepared libraries, assuring the same performance users have come to expect from industry leading DNA and RNA library prep kits by Illumina.

Fully Integrated Workflow in One System

Starting with DNA or RNA, the NeoPrep System performs all library preparation steps, including PCR amplification, quantification, and normalization in a single, fully integrated instrument.

With built-in components for magnetic bead-based operations, thermal cycling, and optical detection, the NeoPrep System enables users to walk away from library preparation, saving hours of time to focus on other activities. After libraries are collected from the NeoPrep System, they are simply diluted, denatured, and loaded onto the sequencer.

Fewest Steps, Lowest Hands-On Time, Maximum Walk Away

There are three simple steps in the NeoPrep workflow: run preparation, library card loading, and library collection at the end of the run. Compared to manual library prep methods, this simple workflow decreases the pipetting required to prepare libraries by ~85%, reduces hands-on time by ~90%, and provides complete walk away during the library prep process.

The NeoPrep System is an integral component of a seamless NGS workflow solution. The simple workflow of the NeoPrep System streamlines lab operation, while the high-quality, reproducible libraries provide the confidence to leverage the power of NGS. Libraries prepared with the NeoPrep System can be sequenced on any Illumina sequencing system and analyzed using the BaseSpace environment. This complete and seamless workflow solution is supported at every step by the Illumina service team. With the competitively priced NeoPrep System, every lab can afford to walk away from library prep.

For Research Use Only.

NeoPrep Library System